Presenting FoodCon 2017

On behalf of the FoodCon Steering Committee 2017, welcome to FoodCon 2017!

This year the theme for FoodCon is Good for All: Sustainable. Profitable. Accessible. 

The Steering Committee believes that for the food system to work for the good of all people it needs to fairly balance three elements of sustainability:

  • Environment: The Earth that provides us with food needs to be cared for so it can continue to provide food for generations to come
  • Business & Workers: All businesses engaged in the food system need to financially sustain themselves so they can continue to work for the benefit of all people. In addition, workers needs to earn a living that supports them and their families.
  • Consumers: Everyone needs to have access to safe and healthy food at reasonable prices

This year, FoodCon will be focusing on these elements of the sustainable food system. All keynote speakers, panels, and workshops will focus on the theme “Good for All.”

We invite you to explore our website and communicate with the FoodCon Steering Committee as we plan FoodCon 2017, to be held at Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. We welcome all comments and collaborations.