What it Takes to Put on a FoodCon

Ever wondered what it takes to host a conference like FoodCon and make sure that it’s a success? Here’s a sneak peak into what this student-run team is doing everyday to ensure that the 4th annual FoodCon is a success.

Starting prior to FoodCon 2016, a team of students were selected to take the reins for 2017. They communicated with the 2017 team, attended FoodCon 2016 as volunteers, and solicited feedback from other attendees.

FoodCon is a collaborative effort between UNC, NC State, Duke University, and other schools and community organizations. In early 2017 we formed a Steering Committee with students from all three universities. The Steering Committee meets on a bi-weekly basis to have a planning meeting. In addition to the Steering Committee, we are joined by our academic and community advisors from all three universities and university organizations.

This year, the Steering Committee members from UNC are leading the committee, since the event will be held at Kenan-Flagler Business School at UNC. However, all members of the Steering Committee have volunteered to serve on the following committees:

  • Event Logistics
  • Panels & Keynotes
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing

All members of the Steering Committee believe that collaborations and continuity is extremely important for the success of FoodCon. In 2018 FoodCon will be held at Duke, and in 2019 once again at NC State. In addition, no one is on the Steering Committee for more than one year, so sharing and passing on information is very important to the continuing success of the event.

Here are some of the other activities we are engaged in:

  • Raising funds so that we can put on a successful event
  • Talking to caterers about a yummy lunch
  • Organizing fun and informative panels
  • Making sure that as many voices from the North Carolina food community are included in the event
  • Getting the word out out about FoodCon through various marketing channels

We hope that this gives anyone interested in FoodCon a better idea about what it takes to put on this wonderful event every year in North Carolina.