Meet our B-Corporations

What are B-Corporations?

In recent years, there has been a big push for businesses to get the B-Corp certification. Now, there are over 2,300 B Corporations in over 50 countries spanning 130 different industries. In order to become a B-Corporation, companies must meet rigorous standards that prove that they uphold high standards of environmental & social stewardship as well as pledge accountability and transparency to the public.

Why are they important?

B- Corporations are important because they are for-profit organizations that strive to serve the greater good. They demonstrate that the conflation of profit with social mission is possible and these objectives are not mutually exclusive. Companies choose to become B-Corporations because it allows them to join an expansive network of businesses that have liked-minded individuals and goals. These companies recognize the importance of doing good and try to help each other achieve that goal by acting as resource and idea incubators for each other.

Who are our B- Corps?

We have 3 representatives from local B-Corporations joining our sustainable panel, B-Corporations, for FoodCon 2017. Our first B-Corporation is 1 in 6 Snacks, which was started by a junior at NC State who was shocked to uncover that one in every six people in America do not know where their next meal will come from. As a result, his business set out to alleviate food insecurity by donating five cents for every bag of Carolina Kettle Chips sold to local food banks.

Our other interesting B-Corporation is CompostNow which is a composting, waste management service in Raleigh. If you are a registered customer, the company replaces your bins full of composting material once a week with new ones. Since its inception, CompostNow has been able to divert ⅓ of their customers waste from the landfill and turn it into soil for local gardens.

Our last B-Corporation is Eastern Carolina Organics. This business focuses on the sustainability of local, organic food and supporting local farmers and the community. The company helps to market and distribute their farmers’ locally-grown food to retailers, restaurants, and buying clubs. Over 80% of sales go back to the farmers. It is a system that benefits all actors of the food supply chain. The end receivers know that they are getting fresh, non-GMO food while supporting a local farmer’s livestock and family land.


Be sure to come out to FoodCon 2017 on December 8th, from 9:30 to 5pm to hear more about these interesting B-Corporations and their missions!

Click below if you want to find out more about each of these 3 companies:

1 in 6 Snacks


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